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I’ve listed footnotes and resources by Day. This area will be updated occasionally as required. If you don’t have the book already you can get it on Amazon here. Available in paperback and Kindle.

Day 3. History of Chair Massage

David Palmer was featured on the History Channel and you can see that segment about the development of chair massage here:

Here’ my quick take on chair massage history:

Day 7: Relaxation vs. Therapy

The AMTA consumer surveys focus tend to overemphasize both utilization rates and overstate the use of massage as a paramedical modality. See this comparison of consumer surveys from 2004.

In this summary of a 2013 ABMP consumer survey we can see that people still use massage primarily for relaxation despite attempts by the profession to medicalize it:

What are the reasons people seek massage therapy?
70% relaxation and restoration
66% relief of pain or muscular soreness
45% stress relief

From AMTA consumer survey 2011. Even items listed under the category of “Medical” could be non-specific tension and pain due to stress. This would mean close to 70% of the public uses massage for relaxation and wellness, which better correlates to the ABMP findings.

Day 8. Research Licensing Requirements

In the book, I look at licensing requirements. This is primarily intended for readers outside the USA where title protection, and not protected acts, may be a more common form of legislation.

Keith Eric Grant has written one of the most articulate discussions of the issue of governance in this white paper. It’s older and a little dense, but worth the read:

Day 9. Get Training

Relax to the Max

Relax to the Max is a massage school I founded in 1998. It specialized exclusively in chair massage in an intensive entry level program. I’m slowly working my way out of the massage profession to pursue other interests and closed the doors a couple years ago.

You can purchase the Relax to the Max Guide to Chair Massage Techniques streaming videos and Massage Anytime Anywhere videos here on the site. These are also available as DVDs and you can get them here.

Look for The Relax to the Max Guide to Chair Massage Techniques on Amazon

Live Training
Two organizations in Canada offer live classes using the Relax to the Max curriculum. These are 100 hour courses including practical time:

Canadian Massage Training
On the Spot Massage Training


Workshops and online training
TouchPro is the organization founded by David Palmer and many courses are direct knockoffs of his material. I’d suggest you learn from the source. Catch a TouchPro workshop if you can. He also has a home study course available that will be released in Spring 2017. You can get more information here:

At the very least, sign up to David Palmer’s TouchPro newsletter.

Day 16

The Ideal Environment worksheet:
Download printable version

Day 17

Link to entrepreneur tests (coming soon)

Day 40. Advertising

Brand exposure research source:

Day 49. Create a Website that Sells

Website builders (free)

Make Your Words Sell
This is an older book on writing sales copy for the web, but the principles are very much relevant. Highly recommended… and free! (No signup required.)

Day 52. Team 100

Team 100 worksheet printable and online

Free email newsletter service
If you are developing an email newsletter for the first time, TinyLetter is a easy to use free service.

TinyLetter Guide Book
I’ve written an easy to follow guide on getting your account set up. Follow along and you’ll have your first newsletter out in about an hour. The TinyLetter Guide book is available on Amazon and is inexpensive. Available in other countries: US UK DE FR ES IT NL JP BR CA MX AU IN

TinyLetter Guide Video Course
I also have a video course that takes you through the process of creating your newsletter through TinyLetter. It is hosted on Skillshare and a subscription there will get you access to any of my courses there plus thousands of other online courses. Subscription cost is currently $8 per month on a yearly plan or $12 on a monthly plan which you can cancel anytime. Use this link to get the first month free:

Day 78. Collecting Your Payment

Mobile payment services
Here are a couple of the top providers:

Day 79. Contracting Other Practitioners

Employee Contract
Sample employee contracts and other great sample documents can be found on Cherie Sohnen-Moe’s website.

Day 87. Have Sufficient Capital

Business plan tool link (coming)

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